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DekaMarkt World of Food

Under the name World of Food, DekaMarkt currently has six food experience supermarkets that offer customers a unique shopping experience every day. Pan Oston supplied the checkout zone for this unique store concept at various locations.

With a more spacious layout on open high ceilings, the World of Food supermarkets feel spacious. In addition, the stores offer a world of fresh produce on a floor space that is larger than usual.

The fact that the World of Food supermarkets really focus on customer experience is reflected in the wide choice of traditional products in the range. In addition, there is a lot of room to choose, combine and experience products. For example, free-range eggs are available separately, it is possible to tap fresh milk yourself and you can make your own mix of freshly roasted nuts.

Dekamarkt also applies “blurring” to the World of Food supermarkets. Customers can immediately experience the products and, for example, enjoy a cup of coffee, fresh orange juice or a hamburger from our own butcher's shop in the food corner.

To ensure that the transaction process runs smoothly, DekaMarkt and Pan Oston have set up the checkout zone completely in accordance with the look & feel of the stores. In addition to the modular Element belt cash registers, Pan Oston has developed a modular service desk in close collaboration with Dekamarkt. This counter meets the legal requirements of the tobacco products legislation by using drawers. Tobacco products must be hidden from view of the customer from 2020 onwards.

Self-service has of course also been thought of, so that customers who want to pay for a few products can opt for self-scan. Together with Detailresult Groep, of which Dekamarkt is a part, an optimal Self-checkout has been developed, with the option of using the furniture as a Self-checkout and Scan-As-You-Shop module. This development was done together with Detailresult Groep to achieve economies of scale for all their supermarket formulas.

Element Deka World of Food Element Deka World of Food Element Deka World of Food Element Deka World of Food
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